From Yvonne Grant

May 12, 2014 at 10:55am

What a blessing we have found in Mindy Westfall and the essential oils she has introduced us to!

My husband was suffering with arthritic pain in his hands after years of twisting wires, using screw drivers and pulling wire as an electrician. When the pain set into his hands, over-the-counter pain products were not helping. After sharing the information, we got the appropriate oils from Mindy. From the minute it was applied to my husband’s hands, he went on and on about the pain instantly leaving. That was the first time we tried essential oils and have since come to Mindy for many other products and have been incredibly blessed!!!

I highly recommend Mindy as her knowledge in the use and benefits of oils is not only amazing, but I believe would be beneficialto everyone who would choose to use her product!


Sincerely, Yvonne Grant ~Everett, WA