From Mariah Springer

I don't have to tell you the amazing healing properties of your oils, salves and mists. You already know.  But for the person/client on the fence about how these oils work to heal, let me tell you a little story!
On September 8, 2013 I had a surgery during which I contracted MRSA. I unknowingly gave it to my 2 year old daughter when we took a bath together. My MRSA went away after one round of very strong antibiotics. However, my daughter’s did not. Over the next 3 months, she was placed on every antibiotic for MRSA there was, even ones that weren't approved to treat it, because it was so resistant! In January, our ENT told us that as a last resort he was going to take the tubes out of  her ears (that's where the infection was) and that we should prepare ourselves for IV antibiotic treatments two times a week at Children's hospital, that the CDC would have to administer because her strain was so resistant.  I contacted Mindy and told her about Madeline's upcoming surgery.  She asked what her symptoms were and the next day when I saw her, she had prepared two oil blends for Madeline. Mindy gave me instructions to rub the oil behind her ears and I began to do this twice a day or whenever she would complain of ear pain. On the day of her surgery, the doctor  said he would do a culture of her ear to see what level we were dealing with.  Three days later we got word that Madeline had less than 1/2 a percent, which is a normal amount for anyone to have in their body.  She had gone from this bacteria overrunning her system to normal. Thank you Father God!
The second amazing and wonderful outcome is from me! I had a series of 4 surgeries on March 4, 2014.  I had my arms and thighs operated on to remove excess skin from weight loss surgery. The normal recovery time is 2 or 3 weeks.  The first week I was fine. I stayed at my brother’s house so that I could heal without having to perform my mother duties. The day my husband came to pick me up was also the day they took the 119 staples out of my arms. Hubby also brought my 2 year old, who just wanted me to pick her up for just a second. I didn't know it, but when I did that I tore open a 3 inch hole on my left arm. It was only when we reached Ellensburg (we live in Yakima) that I knew something was wrong because my pain medication was wearing off and I was in serious pain!
When I got home, I thought a hot shower would help me feel better.  As I was undressing, I looked in the mirror and I could see my rib bones through an open wound. I went back down to my surgeon’s and he told me the wound had to heal from the inside out.  That meant I had to pack the wound with gauze and tape it. Another hole opened up on my right arm then another on my left.  I ended up with 4 openings on my arms!  Then I began to have pain and swelling in my legs and I couldn't walk or stand for more than 5 minutes at a time without my legs swelling. I couldn't walk and sitting on the toilet made it feel like my thighs were going to explode because the pressure was so great.  I unknowingly began to dehydrate myself for fear of having to use the bathroom! I was getting scared that my legs would literally burst open at the seams the doctor had sewn! I had now been unable to walk or stand for a full month. I asked to be seen by my surgeon again. He looked at my gaping thigh wounds and was incredulous. He said, "This kind of thing usually happens within the first couple of days, not weeks after healing has begun." He cleaned the area around the wounds and removed the stitches that never dissolved.  Other than that, he said again that it would have to heal from the inside out. I was given gauze and more tape, and scheduled for a follow up on April 29th.  I asked him how long I would be like this. He said, “When I see you on the 29th I still expect you to have leakage, but you should be able to get back to work mid May. He was serious!
I was able to see Mindy after that appointment, and she asked how my recovery was going.  I laid it out to her. It SUCKED!!! Poor Mindy lol... I showed her the pictures I had taken of my wounds. She said, “I have a salve for that! At this point, I wanted to be pain free and able to walk again, so I said I would try that. Within 24 hours of using this healing balm, I was able to move around virtually pain medicine free! Within 72 hours, there was a HUGE difference in the wounds on my legs and by the following Monday I had scabs forming! Never had I been so happy to have a scab! By the following week, I was bandage free.  I began using the healing balm on every wound and a full week and a half before the follow up with my surgeon, I was wound FREE !!!! When I went to that appointment, he was blown away at the rate my body was healing itself! The scars on my arms had faded so much that he asked me what I was doing. I told him about the healing salve Mindy had made for me and gave him her card.  He was impressed and told me to keep using it because IT WORKS!!
Thank- you Mindy, for helping turn my hurt into healing!! I'm forever grateful to you!