From Rachel Frazier

My oldest has been struggling for the past 3yrs with some sort of bone marrow failure disorder/blood issue. She's had over 30 blood tests and two bone marrow biopsy's...let's just say lots of tests and no answers other than low counts in some areas and high in others. We have been basically getting the "let's wait and see. Plus do blood draws every 3 months" answers.


In January of this year Mindy did some research and found out the best oils to boost blood counts, very specific to what my daughters were. We started her on what she calls "blood builder" daily and started to see a difference. Then this May we went in for her second bone marrow biopsy and a blood draw. For the first time in 3 years here numbers were up!!! The bone marrow did come back with some anomalies but we are just waiting to see. We also just did a blood draw a few weeks ago and the numbers have maintained high!!


This all said I know if we hadn't worked with someone who's in training/trained on this field we would have seen these amazing results.